packing braWe love strong colors and interesting prints. You probably could have guessed that based on the colors in which CupCase is available: Pretty Purple, Hot Pink, Little Black Dress, as well as Spot on Leopard and Charming Cheetah. And Red is on its way!

But what do these colors “mean?” After doing a little research, we found out:

  • Purple symbolizes luxury, wealth and sophistication.
  • Pink represents femininity and softness.
  • Black is powerful and associated with elegance and class (think black-tie affair). It’s also a serious color (that goes with everything!).

And the animal prints, well, they’re just plain fun!

Do you have a CupCase? Which color is your favorite?

If you don’t have a CupCase yet, we we’re offering a special deal right now that will allow you to purchase a CupCase in each of our fun colors and patterns at a reduced price! If you purchase five or more CupCases, you will save $5 per CupCase. That’s right! Buy five or more and pay just $19.95 per CupCase.

Be sure to let us know which color (or colors!) you decide to purchase!

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