Breasts by the Pound

packing braWhen you buy a chicken or turkey breast, the price is based on how much the breast(s) weigh.

This, of course, led us to wonder how much our breasts weigh. This, of course, led to hysterical laughing after envisioning ourselves laying on the floor trying to get each breast on the digital scale and then trying to read the number.

As it happens, we’re not the only ones to wonder about breast weight. (Thank goodness!). And some people actually think weighing your breasts is a more accurate way to find a suitable bra, as opposed to traditional measuring methods. And there actually IS a way to do it! Who knew?

If you’re interested, celebrity stylists Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine suggest following these steps to weigh your breasts:

Equipment needed: Kitchen scales, baking tray and a bowl.

  • Weigh baking tray and record weight. Fill bowl with lukewarm water to brim and place on tray. Place one breast into the bowl until totally immersed.
  • Water will be displaced into baking tray.
  • Weigh tray and displaced water. Subtract weight of tray. You will be left with weight of displaced water.
  • One litre of water weighs 1kg. To convert to weight of breast, multiply figure by 0.9.
  • A breast that displaced one litre of water, weighs around 0.9kg and is on average the size of a 36C.

Seems kind of complicated, but we asked, didn’t we? J Would you consider going through the trouble to weigh your breasts, or are you going to stick to old-fashioned measuring tape?

Eyes Up Here Blog

packing braSo. A friend of ours at CupCase had something happen to her that hasn’t happened in a long time. She was having a professional conversation with a colleague — a married-with-three-kids, “professional” guy — and he talked to her breasts the entire time. The entire time.

Our friend was dressed appropriately. Nothing tight or low cut. She admits that she does not have the assets of Kim Kardashian or Pamela Anderson, so at first she first wondered what the guy was looking at. But as the conversation went on, it was very obvious what he was looking at and she became annoyed and then angry. She ended the conversation and started calling her “professional” colleague a new nickname to her friends: The Creepy Guy.

Our friend said she regrets not saying anything to the gawker. We asked some other women and they all said they have had similar things happen, and they all ignored it, too. Heck, it’s even happened to Betty White! Did you see the Super Bowl commercial for The Voice where she told them “Hey, eyes up here!” J?

What do you think? Have you ever had this happen to you in a professional setting, did it bother you and how did you handle it?

How to Properly Perform a BSE (Breast Self Exam)

Pack BraAre you performing a monthly breast self exam (BSE) and do you know how to do it properly? It’s an important little checkup you should be doing every single month for “your girls” because it’s been so vital in the early detection of breast cancer in so many women.

Performing the exam monthly is important so you know what’s normal for your body and can detect early on if something is not right. has very detailed, illustrated instructions that might be helpful for you whether you’ve been performing a BSE for many years, or are just getting started.

It’s important to perform the BSE at the same time every month. The only tools you’ll need are:
·         A mirror that lets you see both breasts.
·         A pillow for your head and shoulders.
·         Privacy.

First, do a visual exam. Strip to the waist and put your hands on your hips. Check the appearance of your breasts (size, shape and contour). Note changes in the skin color and texture. Now put your arms behind your head and continue the visual exam. Pay attention to size, shape, drape and symmetry. Check to see if you have any dimples, bumps or indentations. Look for swelling in your lower armpits, where your lymph nodes are located.

Now it’s time to examine one breast at a time to feel for lumps. Put one arm behind your head, and with your other hand, move your fingers in a circular motion around the entire breast area. Switch sides and repeat. Check the nipples, too.

The last part of the BSE is to lie down on your back on a pillow and perform manual exam again.
Immediately report to your doctor any unusual changes or pain in your breasts. Also don’t forget to schedule an annual exam with your gynecologist. And while you’ve got the day timer out, go ahead and schedule a mammogram, too.

Click on the highlighted links for additional information on a BSE, as well as signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Take care of those girls!